Offsite Storage And Delivery Of Your Business Records

Professional Archive Solutions provides secure, offsite document storage management, retrieval services and document destruction for commercial business, and private and government organizations. We are a professional, personalized, client-oriented service company that can provide cost effective offsite storage and delivery of your business records.


Documents that contain personal information such as social security numbers, addresses, banking information, and medical records should be shredded before you dispose of them. Rather than throwing them in the garbage instead of recycling them, which only invites criminals to dig through your trash, save the environment and protect your identity with Professional Archive Solutions’ shredding services. We can take on a small stack of papers or pounds of old documents you no longer need. Our professional machines can handle any paper stock and volume. We will remove the documents from your office suite or building and quietly shred them outside your doors. You can go about your business activities knowing your information is secure.


Businesses often need to keep several years worth of documents from tax returns to invoices and employee information—all of those add up to a lot of paper! When you don’t need them every day, it can be easy to forget where you put them and lose important information. Keep these documents all in one secure place to retrieve when you need them with our storage solutions. We also store binders, books, manuals, and other large volumes of paperwork. Whether you need a few simple binders for single sheets of paper or a large filing cabinet, Professional Archive Solutions has space for your documents. We will work with you to make sure they are organized in a way that you can find everything and will allow you access to them at any time.


As online banking, emailing documents, and digital files increasingly become the easiest storage method of your documents, scanning in all those pieces of paper can be time consuming. You’ve got a business to run, so let us do the scanning for you. Following your precise instructions, we will turn all that paperwork into digital files, organized, backed up, and secure so you can eliminate wasted space in your building.

File & X-Ray Box Sales

We also sell file and x-ray boxes for you to store the paper documents that need to remain paper documents. These boxes can be small or large and have dividers to organize files into categories. The x-ray boxes protect the film from scratches and fading so you have these vital records available at any time. Buy the boxes and load them up yourself, or let us put everything away for you.

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